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The alignment of business and IT solutions is a challenge for almost all modern companies and institutions.  The optimal structure and use of IT applications are key competitive factors in the planning, production and distribution of any products or services.  Companies are facing to continuous changes of market demand and changing competitive conditions.  Flexible business operational environment is essential to survive in such market environment.  IT application environment must be able to support fast and costs effective adaptation of operational environment to those market conditions. 

Fairdyne is a young and dynamically developing company focused primarily on such alignment of IT application infrastructure to business needs on one side and adaptation of business operations to IT structure and functions. Understanding and documenting of business goals and needs is a key input to design, development and deployment of IT solutions. We are the partners of global IT companies using their methodologies, products and frameworks to design and deploy IT application infrastructure and solutions.



Our aim and priority is deep understanding of business needs of our customers. This knowledge of their business is a baseline for design of IT solution and choice of appropriate technology. Our background and experiences cover following areas of design and deployments of solutions for clients:

  1. Capture, documentation and analysis of business needs, definitions of models.
  2. Understanding of supporting IT application architectures.
  3. Detailed analysis of functional requirements and preparation of implementation specifications.
  4. B2B and B2C sales solutions via internet.
  5. Development of IT solutions according to specific requirements of our customers.
  6. Deployment of commercial IT solutions.
  7. Support of outsourcing of IT solutions for end-users.
  8. Consulting services focused on design of IT architectures.
  9. Services related to deployment and maintenance of IT systems.
  10. Consulting services related to IT security issues.
  11. Design and implementation of large computer networks.
  12. Design and deployments of storage area networks (SAN).
  13. Design and development of service oriented architectures.


IT Governance is "a framework for the leadership, organizational structures and business processes, standards and compliance to these standards, which ensure that the organization’s IT supports and enables the achievement of its strategies and objectives." Fairdyne helps  to establish visible, positive oversight of the IT practices, assets and resources to demonstrate that risks are managed and corporate objectives are supported and achieved, ensuring the proper use of IT resources.  Fairdyne can help you with review and improvement of IT Principles, IT Standards, IT Policies, IT Operational management and People management (resource allocation, high level "strategic" and/or il planning).

Project Portfolio Management

  1. Design of project management (PM), project portfolio management (PPM) and resources management (RM) methodology.
  2. Deployment of underlaying PM/PPM/RM system using MS Project Server / MS Project Online platforms.
  3. Deployment of reports and dashboards to support effective project delivery oversight.

enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture (EA) consists of the various logical and physical structures and processes within a company (both technical structures and IT governance processes as well as business/domain structures and business administration processes).  Following this definition, an enterprise architecture model is a representation of those structures and processes.  A good enterprise architecture model depicts the organization both current situation and feature vision. In many ways enterprise architecture models are a communication bridge between senior business stakeholders and senior IT professionals.  

Currently Fairdyne works on delivery of such project with a focus to develop and maintain EA better, quicker and cheaper.


  • IT Governance
  • ITSM processes
  • Demand and portfolio managment, planning and timesheeting
  • Managment consulting
  • Private cloud strategy design (IAAS/PAAS/SAAS)
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Process optimalization
  • Business and IT strategy alignment

  • Mobile application development and mobile security
  • Internet security and fraud risc monitoring
  • e-commerce, ibanking and portal solutions
  • Test management
  • MS project server and O365, Project Online and Sharepoint implementation
  • Data governance
  • Infrastructure optimalization
  • Project and QA managment


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